These terms and conditions of sale apply to contracts between purchasers (hereinafter ‘customers’) and the company Tile24 S.r.l. (hereinafter ‘Tile24’) with offices in Via Corletto n° 2/C 41043 Formigine, Italy, VAT no. 03792940367. Tile24 may be required at any time to change these terms and conditions and customers are therefore advised to check the current terms and conditions whenever they make a purchase. By placing an order customers also confirm that they have read and accept these terms and conditions without further appeal. By making purchases in this on-line shop, customers agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

  1. Prices

    The sales prices in the on-line shop are indicated in Euro (€) excluding VAT and do not include the costs of delivery (unless otherwise specified). Delivery costs are charged to the customer and invoiced at the bottom of the order.

  2. Product information

    Photographs of single products or product settings in no way constitute part of the sales contract. Tile24 is not responsible for the production of such photographs. Product technical specifications and descriptions are supplied to Tile24 by its suppliers. EMME CI S.r.l. declines all responsibility for the contents of these specifications and descriptions.

  3. Availability

    1. The availability of products ordered by customers depends on the quantities currently in stock. In the event that a product is not in stock, Tile24 will order the item(s) from the producers. In these cases delivery will take between 15 and 30 working days.
    2. In the event that a product ordered is not in stock, Tile24 undertakes to contact the customer by e-mail within 72 hours of receipt of payment, informing the customer of the delivery times. In the event that some of the products in an order are not available, Tile24 undertakes to deliver the items which are available and to offer to the customer a product of the equivalent quality, appearance, type and price. Customers refusing such offers will be reimbursed.
  1. Terms of delivery

    Our orders are dispatched and delivered by express courier.

    Delivery times are approximately 15 days depending on the availability of the items ordered at the producer company. In exceptional circumstances (see point 3 above) delivery will take longer.

    Products are only delivered on working days in the customer’s country.

    Tile24 declines all liability for the consequences of any delivery delays, loss of deliveries or damage to orders by courier companies. The goods travel at the risk and responsibility of the customer.

    On receipt of a delivery, proceed as follows:

    • Check that the number of pallets and packages match that indicated on the shipping documents.
    • Check that the packaging is complete, undamaged, dry and unopened.
    • Check that strapping and tapes have not been broken.

      Any damage, missing pallets or missing packages must be reported immediately to the courier making the delivery. In these circumstances the goods should be accepted with reserve, writing a note to this effect on the courier’s shipping documents only (and not on any other document). Examples of such notes are “Accepted with reserve to check the box which has a hole”, “Packaging opened”, “Accepted with reserve, pallet disconnected” or “Packaging damaged”. If the product is clearly damaged or the courier refuses the reserve note on the shipping documents, the customer should refuse the entire delivery and write on the document that the package is visibly damaged or that the package has been refused because the courier will not accept the reserve note. This must be reported in a timely manner to Tile24 via e-mail.

      It should be emphasized that any claims for damage are only valid when the ‘with reserve’ notes as described above are written on the courier’s shipping documents. Notes written on other documents (e.g. on invoices accompanying a delivery) are not valid for making claims.

      Once the courier’s documents have been signed, the customer can make no further claims regarding the appearance and condition of the goods delivered. By accepting goods without reserve the customer therefore foregoes the possibility of making any claims, complaints or requests for substitution of the goods delivered. Any problems regarding the products received must be reported within 48 hours of receipt with reference to the date indicated on the courier’s shipping documents. Reports should be made by e-mail and be accompanied by photographic evidence.

      In the event that the product or packaging shows clear signs of damage, we advise customers to fill in the insurance form provided and not accept the delivery. The courier will be responsible for returning the product. Goods dispatched by courier are insured according to transportation law (1€/kg).

  2. Payment

    Payment must be made at the time of ordering.

    Tile24 customers can pay using one of the following options:

    • Bank or postal transfer
    • PayPal
    • Credit card
  3. Sales on sample type

    Sales may also take place on the basis of sample types as per Article 1522, para II of the Italian Civil Code. In this case, the parties agree that the sample supplied by the seller can first be inspected and approved by the purchaser. The parties expressly agree that the quality and color tone of the sample approximate to that of the goods to be sold. The agreement can be terminated only in the event that there is a considerable difference between the product delivered and the type sample.

  4. Right of cancellation Money-back guarantee

    1. Internet on-line sales are covered by the Legislative Decree no. 206/05 (art. from 50 to 68) regarding distance contracts, i.e. contracts agreed outside commercial premises (off-premises).

      This regulation grants the right of cancellation, i.e. the right of the purchaser to return a purchased product and be reimbursed for the cost of the same. This right is reserved to natural persons only and cannot be exercised by legal persons or natural persons exercising functions related to their professional activities.

      To exercise the right of cancellation, purchasers must return the goods for which they wish to exercise the right of cancellation to the address of Tile24 within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

      The costs of delivery to Tile24 are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

      The right of cancellation lapses totally if the product returned is incomplete and:

      • The product is without the original packaging;
      • The product has been installed;
      • Parts of the product (e.g. screws, clips, plugs, feet) are missing;
      • The product is damaged.

        Within 30 days of the date of dispatch and in any case not before receipt of the returned product, Tile24 will issue an order to reimburse the credit.

        Tile24 will reject deliveries of returned products which are incomplete and for which the delivery costs have not been fully paid by the purchaser.

        Reimbursements are made by bank transfer.

    2. The parties hereby agree that the right of cancellation cannot be applied to sales on sample types, given that these types of sales are not distance sales. Customers may only request a reimbursement if there is a considerable discrepancy between the product delivered and the type sample. Flooring with large variations in colour shading may have parts with characteristic differences in appearance (customers are advised to visit to inspect the setting products).

    3. The parties state and recognised that clause 7.2 above is subject to individual negotiation between the parties in accordance with Article 34, para 5 of consumer law.

      The parties hereby agree and accept that the guarantees given above do not apply to sales on sample types as described in Article 6 above. Sales on sample types are not distance sales and in this case purchaser’s may only exercise the right of cancellation of the sales contract if there is a considerable discrepancy between the product delivered and the sample type.

  5. Disputes and liability

    Tile24 cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use of the products sold on-line.

  6. Personal data protection

    Tile24 will require customers to provide the information necessary to confirm orders, issue invoices and fulfil contracts. Failure to provide the personal data requested will lead to cancellation of the order. Customers are under obligation to provide correct and true information.

  7. Reviews

    False, unsubstantiated reviews are liable to prosecution for defamation and unfair competition.